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We recently met with a university who was in the market for a web redesign. To kick off the discussion, we handed index cards to their 15 stakeholders who represented multiple departments. We asked them, “What’s the #1 thing this redesign needs to get right to be a success?” and had them write their...Read more
It starts off wonderfully. Everyone’s excited about the new website, and eager to get the project started. Meetings are full of big dreams, friendly banter, intense brainstorming, and poking fun at the old site. The client shares their vision, the design team brings their experience in, and it all s...Read more
Keeping track of the images, videos and sound clips in your website can be difficult. Here's what happens: an organization plans for their new website. They make a huge push to get its content in place. Deadlines are established, arms are twisted, articles artfully produced. There isn't time or pati...Read more
We always hope that the websites we build will make our clients’ day-to-day lives easier. What keeps our job interesting is that no two clients define "easy" the same way. During the planning process, we explain to our clients that at one end of the spectrum lies a website that give you complete con...Read more