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Victoria Merriman

Creative Director and Founder

Victoria's three proudest accomplishments are surviving her dairy farm upbringing, bicycling across the US by herself, and founding Digital Loom. After earning a degree in Visual Studies from Harvard University, she became a technical writer for Boris FX and later served on the Graphic Design faculty at the New England Institute of Art. She founded Digital Loom in 2000 to take on a web design contract for Boston University, and today the Loom continues its higher education focus. She attributes Digital Loom’s success to consistently delivering sophisticated design and technology, strong attention to usability and web communication, and top-notch support and customer service.


Antonio Savorelli

Technical Director

Tony started his own web design studio in Italy in 2004, and has been building client websites on Drupal since version 4.7. In 2016, he moved to the U. S. and brought all his coding expertise and great eye for design to Digital Loom. He’s also an independent scholar in the semiotics of TV narratives and a classically trained violinist, both of which are extremely lucrative sideshows. He’ll bake you a mean sourdough pizza, if you ask nicely (and at least twenty-four hours in advance).


Maya-Jade Horowitz

Senior Project Manager

Maya's affinity for organization, cat herding, and checklists makes her a natural project manager. Dabbling in the web during her years of working in non-profit housing sparked her interest in web design and development, and since then she has gone on to manage complex web and mobile projects for large biotech and small startups alike. Maya uses her expertise in Agile and traditional project management principles to keep everyone at the Loom on track, on time, within budget, and in good spirits. For her, fun involves acrylic paint, diet Coke, and lots of frosting.


Katherine Cornelius

Senior UX & Visual Designer

Katherine has an MFA in Graphic Design and over 15 years of experience designing, evaluating and implementing powerful and engaging websites. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Art History at Davidson College, she began her career at the Smithsonian in Washington DC working “behind the glass” at the Digilab, a technology exhibit at the National Museum of American History. She honed her craft as a visual and UX designer at several design studios including Free Range Studios, where she designed websites for Al Gore and Greenpeace and created UX Strategies for the Epilepsy Foundation. She’s passionate about diving into tough design problems and emerging with creative, user-centric solutions.


Natalie Lysne

Drupal Developer

Natalie holds a BS in Biological and Environmental Engineering and an MS in Computer Science. Her first real web development project was making a GUI for what was then a command line program: a search engine benchmarking tool. By 2010, after much teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling, she’d learned enough Drupal to consider herself “reasonably well-versed.” These days, she’s a full-stack developer who can handle everything from custom themes to custom modules. In a parallel universe, she spends her free time doing beadwork and learning to play the violin. In this one, she drinks eggnog and goes to bed early.


Suzanne Strahl-Cooper

Drupal Developer

Suzanne started out with an English/Finance double major with an Art minor, then went on to get an MFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College. Her love of the web began with early forays into hypertext fiction. A chance conversation at a party led to her first paid web contract, and what she thought would be a hobby turned into a full-blown freelance career as a web designer and front-end developer. She especially loves working on websites in the education, artistic, or cultural spheres.