Drupal Support Developer

Job Summary

Your job is to keep our clients’ websites looking and functioning beautifully over time and support our clients in their day-to-day needs. You’ll team up with our dedicated support manager to deeply understand clients’ business requirements, devise awesome and maintainable solutions, implement those solutions, and document them well. You’ll also periodically review sites and proactively suggest improvements and upgrades to clients.


  • Work closely with the support manager and client to troubleshoot issues, provide estimates, and devise solutions for educational and non-profit clients.

  • Implement the agreed-upon solutions during scheduled work sessions with the support manager and client, to ensure that work can be reviewed, tested, approved, and launched in a timely manner.

  • Work includes building and theming new features, repairing existing features, building and enhancing custom modules, content migration, search customization, and integrating Drupal with third-party software APIs (e. g. Google Drive, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.

  • Perform routine maintenance work on Drupal 7 and 8 websites, installing all security updates as needed.

  • Proactively suggest improvements and upgrades to client sites.

  • Help to grow the support side of our business and develop good systems and practices that can scale up in the future.


  • Excited about creating beautiful, intuitive, and engaging web experiences.

  • Consultant. You understand and internalize our clients’ business goals. You also understand website design, technology, and usability well enough to help them make choices that support those goals.

  • Detective. You enjoy a good mystery and getting to the bottom of tricky problems. You’re creative at brainstorming possibilities and tenacious when it comes to troubleshooting.

  • Caring and helpful. You love when a technical (or non-technical) solution can make someone’s day-to-day life easier, and want to work for grateful and appreciative clients.

  • Communicator. Your spoken and written communications are crystal clear and you’re good at helping non-technical people grasp technical concepts. You’re obsessive about documentation in code and in life, and in communicating about progress and roadblocks.

  • Collaborator. You want to work closely with a great team to deliver amazing results together.

  • Smart. Enough said.


At least 5 years’ experience as a full-stack web developer working with:

  • PHP (procedural and object-oriented)

  • MySQL

  • jQuery

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • Linux and macOS command line

At least 2 years’ experience developing custom Drupal modules and themes

Familiarity with:

  • Sass or another CSS preprocessor

  • Git, working with other developers

  • drush

Excellent interpersonal and writing skills

Ability to stay organized and meet deadlines on multiple projects at once

Bonus points for:

  • Active participation in the Drupal community

  • Experience in a web development agency

  • Solr

  • Symfony

  • Shell scripting

  • Complex integrations with third-party software APIs


You’ll have a daily check-in with the support manager, and a weekly check-in with the technical director to discuss any concerns that arise and ensure the support systems are proceeding on track.

How to Apply

If you're interested in this position, please send the following to jobs@digital-loom.com:

  • A brief note explaining why you think you're a good match.
  • Your resume.
  • A few samples of projects you've worked on (can be URLs or sample deliverables). If you created them with a team, be clear about your role.
  • Two or three references.

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