We were impressed with Digital Loom from the start. We knew they would approach our website redesign thoughtfully.

They showed us they were well aware of the challenges of a complex business with multiple product lines and market segments, and set our expectations from the start with timing and their approach. 

Once engaged, Victoria skillfully led the internal team through some challenging discussions on how to best present our capabilities on the site. She challenged the team to remove internal bias and to think like a customer. We are very satisfied with the end result and could not have done it without Digital Loom’s expertise.

— Kerry Sullivan, Director of Marketing

Related content

One problem Tekscan had with their old site was that product pages were effectively dead ends—once you got to one, there was not much else you could do. In actuality, many of their products are related to other similar products, or have an array of sensors, software, or hardware add-ons that you can choose from. There might also be educational resources or whitepapers related to that product, or you might want to just talk to an engineer to get help making your decision. We made it easier for users to access all this related information, both through the user interface and by streamlining how the site is administered behind the scenes.

Flexible Page Templates

Tekscan markets to many different kinds of customers, including dentists, doctors, industrial designers, engineers, and the like. Therefore, we needed to create templates that were super-flexible depending on each division's needs. A few places we built in this kind of flexibility were:

  • Flexible tabs. Any division page or product page has content organized into tabs. We helped Tekscan standardize the naming of these tabs, but also let them create custom tabs where needed.
  • Custom placement of structured content. Tekscan wanted to be able to feature specific products or add-ons within the body of the page, which normally would entail a lot of HTML writing and would be prone to inconsistencies. We eliminated that problem by creating a way for them to pick the products they wanted displayed from a drop-down menu, then placing the whole group wherever they wanted within the content.
  • Custom block order. The sidebar blocks needed a custom order per division. For example, testimonials are more important to dentists and doctors, less so to engineers, so the testimonials appear higher or lower depending on the context.


Tekscan had recently undergone a complete rebranding, and needed their new brand to be reflected on the website. We worked with Tekscan's internal designer and their branding company to extend the new brand and create web-friendly standards.