Harvard University Health Services


Modern Typography & Responsive Design

The type on their old site was small, dense, and hard to read, which is a big no-no especially when your demographic includes people of all ages. This, coupled with a non-responsive design, meant the site was especially illegible on phones and tablets. We upgraded their site to a mobile-friendly responsive design, with clean, modern typography sized generously enough for even the optometry patients.

Highlighted Services

The services were structured according to HUHS' internal divisions and deparment names, which may or may not be familiar to their users. We helped them rename and restructure their services to better reflect what patients are looking for, and listed the services to both the homepage and a Services mega-menu so they'd be available at a glance.

Find a Clinician Directory

We designed a profile template for all HUHS clinicians, then created a Find a Clinician directory where users can search for providers by name, specialty, and location.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

And of course, we achieved all this using the Drupal content management system, decked out with our standard usability-enhancing features so that keeping content updated would be a breeze for their staff.