Wellesley College Alumnae Magazine


Content Import with Drupal Migrate

First, we decided to automate the loading of new content. Since they already used Adobe InDesign files to lay out the physical magazine, we helped work out a system for those files to be translated into XML and a zip file of pictures. We then used the API provided by Drupal's Migrate module to provide a simple user interface where magazine staff could upload their XML and images, and watch the Migrate process transform the data into individual web pages, suitable for publishing.

Easy Administration

We also created a suite of administrative tools to make it easy as possible to manage to site's content.

  • Once the stories had come in from InDesign, it was necessary to apply website-only tags to them: we made a tool to tag an entire issue's worth of articles all at once.
  • We built a tool that finds related content based on tag to populate the "You Might Like" section at the bottom of each story.
  • Another challenge came from necessity to work on a given issue without revealing its contents to the public. We made an "administrative mode" for the magazine staff, showing only them the way the new issue would look, even as it was still taking shape.
  • We also created a reunion-management tool that allowed magazine staff to publicize the upcoming summer's reunions only to site visitors who belonged to the right class years.

The Beauty Part

Finally, we used extensive jQuery and CSS to make the site look and behave as designed, across all types of devices. We're very proud of the site, and pretty confident that the magazine's staff will still get to use all their vacation time this year.