Center Stage

Digital Loom to the rescue!

We had a limited budget but knew we wanted more dynamic content on the home page, and for users to see Center Stage as a multi-year effort, not a one-off tour. The new arrangement enables us to more easily highlight selected elements of the program at any given time. And, just as important to our small office, the upkeep of the features is not a hindrance.

— Ann Wicks, Communications Manager

The New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), with whom we've worked for some years now, operates the Center Stage program with backing from the U.S. Department of State. They asked us to help them revitalize the project's homepage. Here's what they needed, and how we helped:

  • More flexibility on the homepage. Center Stage wanted the ability to create new layouts of columns and rows on the fly. Using Drupal's blocks system, we created a way to easily add either a full-width row or a set of three columns anywhere they were needed.
  • A focus on impact. It was important to demonstrate to site visitors how much Center Stage is doing. We built an easy-to-edit "by the numbers" area for the homepage, representing Center Stage's work as a series of clear, impressive statistics. We also created a dynamically-updating map of the U.S., which plots every city where a Center Stage performance has taken place. Mousing over a point on the map tells you which artists have performed there.
  • Better use of their photography. Center Stage events are usually captured by excellent photographers, but their site wasn't using all those photos. We built an easy-to-use photo gallery functionality that can be added to any page on the site. Now staff can upload any number of high-resolution pictures to artist pages, venue pages, or any other kind of content on the site.