Wildlands & Woodlands


Wildlands & Woodlands first approached us back in 2010 to create a website for their brand-new initiative. They had a printed booklet that beautifully conveyed their case and vision, but their website did not do the same. We migrated their site to Drupal to make it easier for them to manage, and designed a custom theme that incorporated the earthy colors and and silhouetted nature imagery from their print materials.

Five years later, we found their clean, simple design had held up remarkably well, but it was time to modernize it a bit and make it responsive. We:

  • Updated their fonts to more closely match those used in their logo and printed materials
  • Redesigned the homepage to provide space to highlight their partners and Twitter feed.
  • Converted the layout to use responsive design, while expanding the maximum page width to make better use of screen real estate on large desktop monitors.
  • Switched to a white background, and updated the color palette to look more clean and crisp.